About Fioressence Botanical Infusions

Transform your skin + Elevate your mood + Boost your wellness

Our journey began with the magical scent of the Arizona desert and the desire for a product which captures the healing essence of plant medicine that can enrich your day and elevate your senses.

In the pursuit of wellness, we have taken our time in creating Fioressence with love and purpose. Our products are heart and healing centered combining health and beauty. We have lifted a flower and discovered the vibrational magic of scent. Look good, smell good, feel good and enjoy pure decadent pleasure.

Desert Cactus Flowers

Let Us Take It From Here

Our garden-fresh handcrafted pure botanicals are created for your health and beauty inside and out. We use only all-natural organic, ethically farmed plant ingredients and each product is developed with your best intentions in mind. Our passion is to help your body, mind and spirit feel wonderful, raise your energetic vibration, and allow you to create the best you!

Become Part Of The Family

We believe that Fioressence products are essential to your vitality. Our friends and family are important to us and we create these products for them as we do for you, with care, compassion and conviction. And when you use Fioressence…tell us about how it made you feel because we love a good story.

Become Part Of The Family

Sasha, the creator of Fioressence, is a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist with a passion for helping others become their best. “Look good, smell good, feel good” as she likes to say, isn’t just a phrase…it really means putting the best into your body. She believes that natural ingredients are a key source of healing and by using them in Fioressence you are improving the quality of your skin and health. Sasha followed her love of fragrances to graduate from Aromahead Institute and the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies in Botanical Body Care, Herbal Infusions and Hydrosols. She has completed many other educational courses in the healing arts including certifications in TCM aroma acupoint therapy, microbioenergy and biomagentic therapy. She holds a BA in Healthcare Management from Ottawa University.